Monday, February 02, 2009

Traveling Tips #1 and #2

If it's snowing anywhere in the country, Buffalo is sure to get some of it.  When I started out on my journey Friday morning, I did a quick check on the expected weather of my route.  In particular, I was concerned with Buffalo, New York.  I am always impressed with the amount of snow that Buffalo gets.  If a snow storm rips across the midwest, it always seems that if Cleveland gets a foot of snow and Syracuse a foot and a half, Buffalo is sure to get three or four feet.  Crazy. But the weather reports, which I foolishly trusted, said something about occasional flurries, from a dusting to 1 or two inches.  And indeed, I had wonderful weather and a very nice trip for quite a while, my car was humming pleasantly, there was not too much traffic, and the sun was shining. Until Buffalo, where near-blizzard conditions suddenly blew down from the heavens.  At first I thought it was just the stiff winds blowing the already-fallen snow around, but it quickly became clear that it was really snowing. I persisted for a while, but visibility kept getting worse and I finally pitched in the towel and took a motel room east of Erie, PA.  We ended up getting 8-10 inches of snow.  

When in doubt, stay away from Buffalo.

Steven Reich's Music for 18 Musicians is excellent traveling music.  Those minimalist, slowly metamorphosing patterns are perfect for zoning out yet keeping alert, and the time really flies by.  A nice, big chunk of New York state passed in a pleasant reverie listening to this music.  I wish I had more of the same, maybe Philip Glass's Koyannisquatsi.  I'm sure I misspelled that.

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Anonymous said...

I could have told you to avoid Buffalo in the winter.

You'll be glad to know it's quite beautiful here in El Paso--65 degrees today and sunny. I hear from Neil Aquino that it's 70 in the Houston area. Corpus Christi is sure to be pleasant.

Looking forward to hearing more about the trip.