Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scenes from the Northwest

A cool mushroom by the side of the house.
We are ringed by mountains here. When the skies are clear, it is something to behold.
The budding birdwatcher, my niece Gabby.  This is what I like to see.
Future mountain-climber, my niece Sonja.  
The common goldeneye - you can really see the color of the eye.
Climbing logs with Skyler and Amalie.
The girls and their mom.
Gabby and I.
Nick out over the waves.
Running along the beach.
My favorite bird of the northwest, the varied thrush.
The climber again.

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dldeprez said...

My favorite bird of the Pacific Northwest, which is also found elsewhere, is the hermit thrush. This ethereal flutist serenaded me for the first time in the summer of 1976 as I helped an Oregon State mycologist dig up Porea werii fungus that attacks the root systems of Douglas fir.