Thursday, February 05, 2009

Scenes from Corpus Christi

Least Sandpiper.

Laughing Gull.

So these aren't scenes so much as just a bunch of birds.  But that's what I'm here for, right? Anyway, I promise to try and take a few photographs of scenery to get some context in there. Today after getting in to Corpus Christi I took a quick drive out to Padre Island and on my way back I stopped along the causeway and took a few moments to try out my new camera.  It's got a pretty hefty optical zoom which should allow me to get a bit closer to the feathered fellows.  Tomorrow I'll meet up with the rest of the MassAudubon group and we'll begin our birdwatching in earnest.  I'll post highlights as time and internet connections permit.  

The stretch of highway from San Antonio to Corpus Christi was something of a relief after the endlessly congested and overdeveloped distance between Dallas and San Antonio.  The billboards and chain restaurants and hotels disappeared along with much of the traffic and it was a pleasant drive through what seemed to this midwesterner to be classic Texas scrub country.  Prickly pear abounds.  

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