Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scenes from El Paso

Me and my friend Jeff, one of my hosts in El Paso.

A view from El Paso with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, below in the near distance.
A cool string of houses in an older El Paso neighborhood (Sunset Heights, I believe it's called).
An El Paso house with some very cool decorations.
A mural at the El Paso History Museum showing the spaniard El Cabeza de Vaca and other survivors of their overland trek from the Gulf of Mexico trading (desperately, it appears) with an indigenous community.
A dry desert wash out of the Franklin Mountains.  We hiked up to the ridge where the outcrop shaped like an elephant is. I saw Canyon Towhees and Black-chinned Sparrows.
A cool thorny plant in the Franklin Mountains.
Lichen on some rocks.
Jeff, intrepid hiker.
A view of El Paso and distant mountains and plains of the Chihuahuan desert from the Franklin Mountains.

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