Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here's streaming audio of a new song I recorded, called 'Greenwood':

Or, here's the link to download it to your computer:

Have a good day! Peace to everybody.



Nick said...

Nice work Brian.

What interface did you end up getting?

You know I think if you upload an mp3 file to instead of m4a you will get the code for a little player to embed in your blog.

dldeprez said...

"Wonder where she is right now,(She is with God), what her dreams have been" (to have everyone show love the way she showed everyone she met).

"Lightest light I've ever known, angel at 13, angel at 13..." Actually, a saint. We may be, but she is no castaway of love; she had been raised up to heaven, a sparkle in the eye of God. And so Esme lives!