Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another Garageband experiment

I've attached another link to a file of something I recorded on Garageband. This one's of a song called "I Can't Leave Her Behind" by Bob Dylan. It's become something of a meditation for me, for thinking of my sister Esme. I think it's a stunning song, and I learned it from a version in the movie "I'm Not There" featuring Steve Malkmus and Lee Ranaldo, which I highly recommend. The whole soundtrack (2 cd's) is very good, but this is my favorite.

Here's the link:


dldeprez said...

The experiment is a success, i.e., it is an exquisitely plaintive rendition of the Dylan song, filled with special remorse and longing. I think it accurately conveys your heart. It's scary knowing exactly what it's about. Thank you for sharing.

Esme kenney said...

Beautiful Brian.

franny said...

Thanks Brian.