Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Growing Plants

I've been asked once or twice what I've enjoyed the most about my experience so far, or what I most look forward to during the coming growing season.  Other than the very obvious anticipation of cooking and eating all the produce we will eventually be harvesting, I would say that I enjoy and look forward to observing all the plants that we grow, from what they look like when they first start to poke their little shoots and leaves out of the soil to their mature selves, laden with ripe fruits, seeds, shoots or leaves.  I look forward to getting to know the plants of the farm, in all of their bountiful aspects, even through and past the harvest to their inevitable fall back into the earth.  
A bird's eye view of a healthy lettuce plant of a romaine variety.
Another lettuce in a fascinating shape, somehow reminding me of the Sydney Opera House.
Potato plants.  Don't eat these leaves, they're poisonous.
Our garden of perennial herbs.
Young beet plants.  These greens are pretty tasty right now, roots and all.
Little carrot plants.
A favorite plant, red russian kale gone to flower.
I have no idea what this weed is, but it's lovely.
A pea plant with one of our first developing pods.
Chives and chive blossoms.


dldeprez said...

Your self portrait at the head of the pics reminds me of Esme's self portrait taken on a walk with her mother in Canada last summer. Wearing the red plaid coat, she has the same earnest appeal to the camera, indicating a complex mind and heart, similar to your own.

Thiruppathy Raja said...

Excellent read. I like your style...have a good one!/Nice blog! Keep it up!
Growing Plants