Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Flies I Tied

I thought that maybe I'd share a few examples of my latest endeavors at tying flies, a particular few that I'm fond of for one reason or another.  I have to say that if I ever found that I couldn't fish I would miss having a reason to tie these things, and perhaps I'd go ahead and do it anyways once in a while.
This is a Green Damsel, an impressionistic imitation of a damselfly nymph.  This would be a good general searching fly for lakes and ponds.
This is a Stimulator, a big bushy imitation of a stonefly, though it would do for a grasshopper in a pinch.  A good fly for getting a big splash from a big trout.
The ever-popular Pheasant-tail Nymph, a good match for many small mayfly nymphs, particularly the ever-present blue-winged olives.
An Olive Scud, a sort of freshwater shrimp.  Good for weed beds in lakes and slow stream pools.
The giant killer, a Bead-head Squirrel-Tail Nymph.  This one caught my brown trout last weekend.
The Mosquito, a personal favorite.  I hope to catch a giant bluegill on this next Summer.

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