Saturday, June 07, 2008

Spider's Web and other little things

I've got a nice, friendly little spider that lives amidst the potted herbs on my porch balcony.  He (or she) has been there for three days or so, and likes to build a new web every day!  Quite an industrious fellow, like most spiders. He's very small, has a yellow body with a little black patch on its rear and dark legs.  I wonder about the tiny bugs he must catch and eat - they must be almost beyond the reach of my eyes.  I'm sure that he would have no problem finding another spot to build his webs and catch his bugs, but I'm very happy to provide him with such a productive location where I can keep tabs on all the goings on.  

My own little mini-ecology; there are little weeds with thin green leaves and purple stems coming up amidst my basil plants and I've seen some ants as well.  I keep waiting for something to flower so I can keep a lookout for pollinators; that would be exciting.  All that plus spiders and the tiny bugs that they eat, like a miniature Amazonia.  Maybe I'll see a miniature jaguar prowling along through the chives.  

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